You may have asked yourself once or twice, “ So what is the difference between Hot Rollers and Curling Irons besides the heat” right ?

Well it turns out there is quite a lot, so here is some wise years of my wisdom (too many to mention) to help you get that right curl you have longed for.

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HOT ROLLERS – BaByliss Pro Ceramic


*Excellent for Big bodied movement (Think Farrah Fawcett)

*Normally only one heat setting

*Gives the straightest of hair that extra natural oomph

*Roll up your hair and leave them in till your ready to leave and brush through

*Get yourself a Velvet set of rollers as the end result of shine and bounce is only “Salon Worthy”


CURLING IRONS – BaByliss Curling Iron MEDIUM 1″ (25mm)


*Gives extra zing for a crisper curl (Think Sofia Vergara)

*Quicker result to use if time poor

*Different heat settings for different hair types

*A variety of metal plating to suit different hair types

*Perfect for Thick/Course hair


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