What split ends? Anthony Nader explains how hair dusting can save your hair without having to cut inches off as seen on




We know all too well that our everyday styling activities are damaging our hair: curling, straightening, blow-drying, the list goes on. We also know that often the best way back to healthy strands is a haircut, chopping off an inch or two to remove those split ends. But what happens when you want fresh, healthier hair without getting a trim? Enter the alternative to losing your length: hair dusting.

Hair dusting is a method of removing split and frayed ends without necessarily getting a haircut that removes length. Anthony Nader, RAW Hair explains “it’s magic for just targeting split and frayed ends that need to be snipped off without cutting length off, too.”

This particular technique of haircut involves “tapping the top layers softly with a comb and all those nasty split ends detach and stand out from the healthy hair strands. This is all that needs to be snipped off,” Nader explains.



This haircut technique can be done every five to seven weeks; depending on how much heat damage your strands have suffered. “It’s the haircut you have when you’re not having a haircut,” says Nader.

However between dusting and the occasional chop (which is still necessary every now and again to encourage healthy growth), Nader recommends turning down the heat on your hot tools and investing in a heat protector spray to protect your strands and avoid dehydrating your hair. Preventing your tresses from drying out in the first place is obviously preferable to a haircut to get your hair healthy again.

There you have it, “the perfect haircut for those of you that don’t want to sacrifice any length or layers as this technique is completely seamless,” says Nader.


By Jordyn Christensen for