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The most requested celebrity hairstyles this season: Hairdresser shares the trends we can’t get enough of right now – and the three questions you need to ask before trying them for yourself

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A trip to the hair salon is like a magical getaway to a place where you come out looking like a younger, more beautiful and more stylish version of yourself. And let’s not forget that zen post-head massage state. Well, at least that’s how it should go and if you’re not getting this from your current hairdresser, it’s time to break up and book yourself an appointment with RAW. They know how to really treat a girl (guys too).

RAW is run by international hairstylist (but Aussie local) Anthony Nader who spends half his year in styling model’s hair for high fashion shoots in New York and the other half here in Sydney looking after his loyal customers. Don’t worry, if Anthony is out of town (although somehow he always seems to be around when you need him) his team are top notch so you’ll be in good scissors.

Anthony’s Big Apple lifestyle has clearly been the inspiration behind his new digs, which is ever so apparent the moment you step in the door. Out with his original Darlinghurst salon and in with the new Surry Hills one, the tall, sandblasted ceilings, salvaged wood floors, Danish blonde mid-century finishes, and exposed natural elements are a throwback to the buzzing, creative gallery district of Chelsea where Nader lives.


But there’s more to RAW than meets the eye. The best is yet to come when the shampoo boy gets his hands on you. Escorted into a hidden room out back, luxurious massage chairs are calling your name. And that fireplace. You may have noticed it along the back wall in the main room. Well, peek on through and you’ll see it’s actually a trick mirror. It’s touches like these that let you know attention to detail is what these guys do best. Well, that and hair. But the two go hand in hand.



by CHELSEATROMANS for dailyaddict.com.au