12 Very Practical Gifts for Very Practical People

From cozy socks to quality kitchenware, our Very Practical Gift List offers something for everyone. Whether you’re shopping for the most sentimental person or a straight-forward dudette, we have it all! Don’t limit your gift ideas – explore an inventory full of useful and delightful items that will make any recipient happy!

A really, really good broom

Don’t settle for just any ordinary broom – get the ‘Rolls Royce of brooms’! Expertly crafted by Buckinghamshire brushmakers with FSC beech wood and Brazilian piassava bristles, this one-of-a kind garden tool is designed to last a lifetime. And it’s even better knowing that you can count on its 10 year repair or replace guarantee! Get ready to make gardening easier than ever before.

Colorful Socks

Give the gift of style and comfort! Colorful socks make a great holiday gift choice, allowing you to show your appreciation while also keeping feet warm and cozy. Choose from a vast selection of colors and patterns that will suit anyone’s style. Whether bright, bold colors or subtle, muted hues, there’s definitely something for every taste in colorful socks. Make this season merry and bright with a fun gift!

Some everlasting pegs

Struggling to find the perfect present for someone who already seems to have it all? Look no further than a set of practical pegs! There are two distinct options – stainless steel Pincinox, crafted in France and boasting a lifetime guarantee; or Nona’s ocean plastic pegs made from recycled fishing nets. Why not top off this unique gift with an equally functional peg bag that can be reused time after time? An ideal alternative o flimsy alternatives, these durable presents will make sure your thoughtful gesture lasts well beyond just one day.

A 2-in-1 water bottle and coffee cup

Practical yet stylish: why not treat your loved ones to the gift that keeps on giving? Pincinox stainless steel pegs have a lifetime guarantee and can survive any weather. Or, make one small step towards sustainability with Nona, crafted from recycled fishing nets – just as strong but kinder to our planet’s oceans. With either choice you won’t be disappointed! And don’t forget a peg bag for storage; their utility is sure to bring smiles all year round!

A recycled waterproof jacket

Do you spend your free time exploring, in any weather? Then check out Labo Mono’s recycled rain jackets. Not only are these impeccably practical pieces of gear – made from 30 plastic bottles and fluorocarbon-free waterproofing for maximum eco friendliness! – but they come in two distinct models that’ll meet whatever adventures await: the Urban jacket is great for everyday walks under moderate rains; while the Go-Go model offers more protection should torrential downpours decide to bless (or curse?) your wanderings. So whether braving urban streets or wild adventure trails, become a Very Practical Person with our patented Very Practical Jackets…and don’t forget to add a dash of style along the way!

A packable picnic mat

Take the adventure with you! With Pacmats, packing for a day out of exploring nature is easier than ever. Not only are these waterproof and machine washable picnic blankets perfect for long hikes in any type of weather; they also weigh just 485g and condense into a compact 15cm stuff bag so that carrying it around isn’t an issue either. The secret lies within their combination of soft nylon fabric and hardy ripstop materials which provide superior lightweight protection from the elements without compromising on durability or quality – all made in Britain to last forever. Browse through our selection today: choose between fun patterns, bright colours, or basic designs ideal even if your practical person doesn’t like being overwhelmed by too many options!

A nesting colander and bowl

Enjoy a lifetime of effortless meals with this incredibly handy kitchen set. The stainless steel bowl and colander is the perfect combination – rinse your ingredients in style, then use its spout to pour out any runoff water into the space below. You’ll get precise measurements when needed thanks to markings inside or simply sit back and enjoy top-notch quality that won’t need replacing anytime soon; it comes with an unbeatable lifelong guarantee!

A super-strong brolly

Are you tired of umbrellas giving up the ghost at a gust of wind? Look no further – Blunt umbrellas have your back! Their innovative construction and fully-tensioned canopy ensures that not only will they stand strong, but also keep those pesky poked eyeballs away with their iconic blunt tips. Not just tough on the outside though; these brollies can take any weather Mother Nature decideds to throw in its direction (70mph winds anyone?). They are designed to last for years too – and even better, come with five year’s worth of repairs thrown in when purchased! Choose from two models: compact Metro model or full-size Classic. Go ahead…weatherproof yourself today!

A whetstone

Put the edge back on your blades with ease using this professional-grade double-sided whetstone! Perfect for kitchen knives, woodworking tools and gardening implements alike – it’s an invaluable tool that goes to work right away. The 400 grit stone quickly gets rid of metal while the 1000 grit side provides a sleek finish that will make your cutting jobs easier than ever before. Nestled in its rubbery non-slip cradle you can trust putting each blade exactly where you want them without worry or complication – plus they’re covered by lifetime guarantee so they’ll stay sharp longer than any other option out there!

A solid iron pan

Perfect for the at-home chef, Solidteknics pans provide a fantastic combination of weightlessness and sturdiness. The 26cm models are light as air yet have all the searing power you would expect from cast iron skillets – plus they only get more nonstick with every use! And if that’s not enough to tempt your inner kitchen master, then consider their pre-seasoned Quenched model; ready to go right out of the box! Discover your perfect pan today in the epic range of styles from Solidteknics.

Some merino wool socks

Treat your feet to the ultimate practicality – merino socks! Not only are these ultra-soft and itchless, but they also regulate temperature better than regular cotton or wool. Sweat is kept at bay by their special sweat-wicking properties, meaning no more blisters either! Plus you can rest assured that these beauties won’t be smelling anytime soon thanks to some natural antibacterial qualities thrown in for good measure. We’ve sourced two great makers of hiking socks made with this amazing blend – Darn Tough in the USA and Moggans from Europe offer unbeatable performance combined with guaranteed durability so feel free to choose which one suits best… there’s really nothing like it out there whenit comes topractical footgear.

A safety razor

Move over, plastic razors! Forget the expense and hassle of needing to continuously buy new ones; with a safety razor designed for life time use, you can give yourself an economical cut that’s truly comfortable. Choose from two models: our modern Rockwell version or classic Shavent fashioned after drugstore varieties. Ready for your one-time shave buddy? It’s waiting here at Very Practical Person – the only thing standing between you and perfect shaves is making up your mind about which style works best for you!

A leakproof lunch box

Enjoy peace of mind when it comes to carrying lunch with Black & Blum’s range of 100% leakproof containers. Perfect for big appetites, the 1000ml size features a moulded silicone seal and vacuum valve to protect your food – plus an easy-to-use removable fork! And if you fancy something more lightweight, there is even a 600m option available too. Never let spills ruin your day again!

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