23 Best Gifts for Gamers, Whether They’re Experts or Noobs

Becoming a “true gamer” is no easy feat – it requires dedication, passion and knowledge. You must invest countless hours into researching the latest gaming trends while respecting classic titles like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Street Fighter II. The journey to becoming an elite member of this community culminates in pure elation from finally beating Elden Ring or being excited for Tom Nook’s appearance in Animal Crossing teasers – all accompanied by admiring beautiful artwork such as Neo: The World Ends With You!

Whether you know them like the back of your controller or not, there’s no denying that gamers bring something special to any room – passionate opinions on their favorite games and unrivaled skill when it comes time for battle. Show someone just how much you appreciate this unique combination with one of these 61 perfect gifts: from must-have game titles all the way through to top performing pieces of gaming gear – we have everything a true gamer needs! Make sure they truly earn their title as leaderboard legend with an unforgettable present.

ABYstyle League of Legends Hextech Logo Gift Set

Whether flashy or functional, accessories have become the new must-have for those seeking to make a statement and stand apart from the crowd.

Analogue Analogue Pocket

Analogue Pocket has arrived to transport gamers back in time! After a prolonged anticipation, the 21st century Game Boy is here and eager to take you down memory lane. Ready your nostalgia goggles – this console can play every Game Boy title ever released – timeless classics galore!

Men’s Boxer Briefs

Men’s boxer briefs make for a great gift for any man in your life. Not only are they comfortable, supportive and stylish, but they also come in a wide variety of colors, materials and sizes that make them easy to customize to his individual preferences. They are an ideal way to express your appreciation for someone special or simply to show him how much he means to you. Plus, these garments are relatively affordable, so you don’t have to sacrifice cost when it comes to gifting the perfect present!

Razer Base Station V2 Chroma

For ultimate gaming glory, Razer’s custom RGB lighting headphone stand is the perfect way to complete your setup and ensure an enviable break between intense battles.

Razer Kishi Controller for Smartphones

For any Android aficionado, the number-one gaming accessory is an essential addition to their collection. Offer them a piece of tech that turns smartphones into high caliber gaming consoles – perfect for keeping up with the demanding world of esports!

My Arcade Retro Arcade Handheld Gaming System

For those who have trouble bringing the arcade to their home, why not bring an entire classic gaming experience with you? With this handheld version, enjoy up to 200 of your favorite vintage and modern games on the go!

MASCARRY Accessories Bundle for Nintendo Switch

Upgrade your Switch gaming experience with these 13 powerful accessories! From protective cases to comfortable controllers and convenient charging docks, you’ll be ready for any adventure. Get the most out of your Nintendo Switch – it’s power time!

By Jason Schreier ‘Blood, Sweat, and Pixels’

Dive into the complex and fascinating world of game development with Kotaku’s Jason Schreier! From Destiny to Dragon Age, discover tales of spectacle and struggle in crafting some of gaming’s most beloved titles. Unearth secrets behind your favorite video games – a must read for any true gaming enthusiast!

Nanoleaf Lines WiFi Smart Color LED Gaming and Home Lights

Transform your gaming setup with RGB lights! Upgrade to a look that is far superior and more chic than what you have now.

Nintendo NES Classic Edition Entertainment System

Nintendo sent gamers straight back to the ’80s with a re-release of their beloved NES system. Drawing on nostalgia, and fueling it further, this classic console comes preloaded with two legendary vintage titles: Super Mario Bros., and Final Fantasy. While new sets are hard to come by these days, you can still excavate that retro magic!

Tamagotchi Original Tamagotchi

Immerse yourself in a digital world of possibilities! Through this video game, you can explore unknown adventures and conquer any challenge that comes your way.

Dosnura RG353M Emulator

Got this for his Gen-X brother to relive the games of their heyday. Now, with a twist of nostalgia and humor, he’s trying to show the younger generations why classics like Star Fox will always be cooler than Call of Duty!

Cable Guy Sonic the Hedgehog Device Holder

Sonic needs to take a break and chill out. Why not pause your gaming action for awhile, relax with an energized controller in hand?

SAMSUNG 49-Inch Curved Screen Gaming Monitor

Have your friends been wanting to get their hands on a curved monitor? Give them the ultimate gift and surprise them with one – they’ll never forget it! Even though peripheral vision won’t help in WarZone, you can guarantee that this special present will no doubt put a smile on their faces.

Secret Lab Lab Chair

Step up your gaming experience with Secret Lab’s Overwatch-inspired chairs! Whether you want to kick back in ultimate comfort or show off some serious style, these ultra-comfy seats make for an unbeatable way to get immersed into the action.

Philips Hue Bluetooth Gradient Ambiance Smart Lightstrip

Every gamer has the opportunity to create a unique, vibrant atmosphere within their gaming studio – no matter what level of streaming they are at. Unleash your inner vibrancy and express yourself through decor!

WD_BLACK SN850 NVMe SSD 1TB with Heatsink

For PC gamers across the globe, this is it: their ultimate prize. Calling itself “the Holy Grail of gaming”, this innovative device offers an unprecedented level of storage and blazingly fast speeds – ensuring a smooth virtual journey through your favourite games’ pasts (and presents!).

Sony PlayStation PS5

Get the gaming console of your dreams now and it’ll be delivered to you in just one week! No more waiting until summer or scouring through shady Craigslist offers – get PlayStation today with our unbeatable deal.

Scuf Reflex Ps5

Those looking to up their gaming game need look no further! With the next-gen PS5 Elite controller coming out in 2021, Scuff is ready with one of the highest rated controllers on the market – and it’s fully customizable too! Whether your skills are elite or amateur, this perfect partner will help you take them even higher. Game over for all other contenders.

PlayStation DualSense Charging Station

No matter how much gamers boast about their console’s features, a dead controller will always bring them back down to earth. A reminder that sometimes the simplest of problems can be unrivaled in difficulty!

Logitech StreamCam

Logitech brings gaming to a whole new level with their special webcams, designed specifically for gamers who engage in live-streaming. The smart auto-focus and exposure settings will ensure players always look picture perfect as they entertain their fans from behind the screen!

Nintendo Pokemon Violet – Nintendo Switch

Get ready to embark on a brand new adventure! A world of pocket monsters awaits – which one has the power to become your partner? Unleash its hidden potential as you battle, explore and collect in this iconic gaming experience.

Razer Ripsaw HD Game Streaming Capture Card

Unleash your inner video game superstar! If you ever dreamed of making a living playing games, now’s the time – because streaming is giving gamers around the world an opportunity to have their talent and skill seen. Razer’s capture card allows ambitious players to show off in full HD 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second (even when gaming in 4K). So get ready for glory; it’s just one step away!

Basstop Retro Switch Replacement Case

Don’t feel like you need to go back in time and switch out your Switch’s case – but if the thought of donning a vibrant purple shell reminiscent of classic Game Boy Color systems has crossed your mind, we won’t tell!

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